Kompetisi RC Drift Ala Garasi Drift!

Hello guys Welcome to Garasi Drift Today in Garage Vlog. We play RC Drift Last year we played and the video got 2 million views more than real car videos. We play every year, just invited fellow RC Drift players.

They’Ll arrive shortly Before that I’d like to clean my garage We play in & out of it like last year, S15 & 86 need to be moved. My S15’s already outside Just installed air suspension.

I’Ll upload the video tomorrow now, let’s move these cars and make our track

Time to make track our friend’s here Uncle Albert & others are inside. Let’S make the track More or less that’s how the track goes, we’ll make it using duct tapes like last year, RC track done & everyone’s currently trying it

We’Ll start QTT shortly when Bimo arrives. For now, let’s see the others practice. So our judge is a quite famous drifter, hey judge, Judge “ Sup ?” [ Laughter ], He isn’t fasting. Hence he’s the judge.

Now’S qualification Uncle Albert currently on 2 score runs like FD. Hopefully I’ll do. Okay, There are 13 of us, so 3 people are buying. Bimo came late, QTT without practice, He’s top qualifier 99 pts

Now’S practice battle, let’s watch Top 16 round starting Bimo Rocky and I are buying, Which means all 3 Top Qualifiers are buying. If I win I’ll face Uncle Albert or Alvin

We shall see

Top 16 done. Here’S the chart Top 8 also done …

Pardon me I meant Top 8 about to start. You aren’t fasting yet you’re like this. I’M very tired because I just landed here today – Alright so who’s in Top 8, now Bimo VS Ghodel, Dhandan VS, Sam Ziko, VS Alfin and Rocky VS, Sonny

We shall see who’s going to win. I think Ziko & Rocky will be in Top 4, But just like a rolling ball, drifting is relative. ( ), Our judge here, is biased, very biased,

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pexels photo 2437113

Those are ones who got in Top 4 About to break our fast track’s open for practice. This is very fun. We’Re breaking our fast now, as you see behind me, I’m tired, but there’s something more tiring.

Next week, we’re also going drifting, but with real cars, not RCs. One of the main sponsors of this event is Daikohi By the way this room’s lighting shortcircuited. Hence it’s so dark Feels abit dim here, Hey all. Please have a sip

We got coffee & ice regal on the house, Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi, Wabarakatuh, Om, Swastiastu Shalom and many more [ Laughters ], Thanks for participating in an event brought to you by BSI, Give applause for BSI and Garasi Drift. [ Massive Applauses, ] You’ll get jackstand & used trophy

Please clap your hands. Our senior judge, Dhandan [, Applauses, ] //, He’s senior in all things: drifting like Amien Rais in the drift world, [ Laughters ] 4th place.., No Top Qualifier with 99 points, will get jackstand trophy

[ Applauses ], Very low-budget, Alright, Top Qualifier with 99 points, goes to Bimo [ Applauses ] Stair acts as podium //. This is our Top Qualifier people, [ Laughters ] Yeah, as we can see now.


*Bimo throws down jackstand* [ Laughters ] 4th place goes to Ghodel [ Applauses ]. Congratulations Now next is 3th place, which is unusual.

.. Ghodel: where are you going Stay here? I ain’t biased. He really won.

3Th place goes to Ziko Harnadi [ Applauses ]. Please prepare the trophy for our 3th place winner, which is a real 2nd place, trophy from Intersport Now for 2nd place, eh, 2nd or 1st We’re inviting Dhandan & Sonny to the podium You hold their hands.

1St place of second annual RC Drift Championship supported by Garasi Drift, goes to … *drumroll* ..

Dhandan, Please all winners pose accordingly on the podium. We’Re gon na take a picture.

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Show your proud trophies to the camera woohoo [, Laughters ]! Thank you and congratulations now gim me back all my trophies [ Laughters ]. That concludes this RC Drift. Video. Thank you to all the guys who participated.

We’Ll get back next year, Too bad Ophan. Last year, winner couldn’t come Whoops my camera’s tilting. I think that’s enough for this. Video keep driving safe and good bye..

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